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What is carpooling?
When can I carpool?
What are the benefits of carpooling?
What are the costs of carpooling?
What if I use my organisation vehicle?
What are the insurance implications of carpooling?
Am I covered by Workers Compensation if I carpool?
How safe is carpooling?
Are my details kept confidential?

What is carpooling?

Carpooling is when two or more people make arrangements to travel together in a single car.  Carpooling is a practical way to share transport costs and reduce road congestion and vehicle pollution.

When can I carpool?

You can carpool on any journey you make, but we suggest you start by searching for a person who lives on your route to work or study. By sharing a trip to work or study just one day a week can save you a lot of money in fuel over a year. Many people need to travel significant distances in their regions to get to work or study.

What are the benefits of carpooling?

Sharing your journey is a great way to meet people, it's good for the environment, and saves money. particular benefits include:

  • Shared travel expenses
  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Improved mobility options for non-drivers 


What are the costs of carpooling?

We suggest that drivers and passengers take alternate turns to drive, so that there is no need for financial transaction. You must be  over 18 to be a member.  If you do decide to carry a passenger who does not own a car then you will need to calculate how much each journey is costing you, so that you can share the cost.  An estimate of the journey fuel cost is provided on the website as a guide only. This link can be found on the journey match page which is displayed when you login. It’s best to sort out any reimbursement before you start to carpool to ensure that both parties are comfortable with the arrangements. To avoid any embarrassment, passengers should pay the driver before they leave the vehicle at the end of each journey, unless other arrangements have been made. Please note that drivers should not make a profit from sharing a car as this can invalidate their insurance and tax. If you have any concerns please contact your insurance company directly.

What if I use my organisation vehicle?

Rules vary so please check with your individual organisation.

What are the insurance implications of carpooling?

Most insurers state that car-sharing will not affect an individual's car insurance so long as a profit is not made. Drivers with any concerns should check with their insurance company as terms and conditions may vary between insurance providers over time. Make sure that the person you drive with has valid registration and insurance. ALL CARPOOLERS TRAVEL AT THEIR OWN RISK.

Am I covered by Workers Compensation if I carpool?

Members should satisfy themselves as to whether they will be covered by Workers Compensation insurance in relation to your particular travel.

How safe is carpooling?

Safety of members is a priority, and we have made our suppported carpool websites as secure as we can. In general, you must be over 18 years of age to be a member. All members' details are stored securely in the database and only the members' intended travel information can be accessed by other members. When it comes to travelling, EVERY MEMBER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS OR HER OWN SAFETY. However, we do recommend that members follow some simple security measures outlined below:

  • Avoid exchanging home addresses with your travelling companion before you meet them.
  • Arrange to meet for the first time in a public place.
  • Inform a friend or family member of who you will be travelling with, when and to where.
  • Make sure you see each other's Identification - student card or driving licence - so you know that you're travelling with the right person.
  • You are under no obligation to go ahead with any car-share arrangement. If you have any doubts about your travelling companion, for any reason, then you don't have to travel with them.
  • It is your responsibility to check that the person you are sharing with has all the legal driving documents, such as driving licence, car insurance and car registration.

To be responsible for your own safety, you should make an assessment of the person or people with whom you are travelling to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable.  You need to satisfy yourself that the driver is not only licenced and has appropriate insurance, but also is not affected by alcohol or drugs.

 Are my details kept confidential?

Yes, all information is kept totally confidential. When someone wants to contact you regarding a trip, then the system will send you an email with his/her profile to say that there is a possible match. It’s then up to the driver to respond to the initial contact and decide if they want to make contact.


The Basics

Ensure vehicle registration, insurance and drivers licenses are valid.

Meeting up

Have pick up points in mind. When you are starting a new car-sharing arrangement we recommend that you meet your travelling companions at a public place. Exchange mobile phone numbers and keep each other informed.

Don’t be late

It’s important to show common courtesy when carpooling. Once you have made a commitment, stick to it. Arrive on time or early, don’t make any unscheduled stops or change your destination at the last minute. Synchronize watches. Keep in touch. Send a text message if you are running late.

Avoid detours

It is important to provide efficient commuting to and from work or study. Avoid personal detours for shopping and errands.

Have a back-up plan

Decide on a back-up plan. What will you do if the driver is suddenly unavailable (e.g. with illness), or if the carpool arrangement ends unexpectedly for some reason? Also, if you are the driver and you are unable to carpool on a particular day, remember to inform your carpool partner(s) as soon as possible.

Have a clean and reliable vehicle

Make sure your car is in good working order and that if you breakdown you have roadside assist from a motoring organisation. Make sure your car is pleasant to travel in.

Travel at recommended speeds

Always travel safely and within the speed limits.  Ensure you comply with applicable traffic signs and traffic legislation.

It’s okay to say "no"

Don’t carpool with someone unless you are comfortable doing so. There is no obligation. If you meet up and it doesn’t look like it will work out, there is no pressure to continue. Or, if a problem arises within your carpooling arrangement that you are unable to resolve, you are under no obligation to continue. Simply look for another match!

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Share your journeys!  Save money on petrol and wear and tear on your car!